Where art and magic meet

A unique and exciting experience

Muraless Art

The facade of the hotel, in which Mr. Brainwash recounted
the theme of love inspired by Romeo and Juliet
, is the first taste of a art path designed
founded on beauty and emotion.

The French Thierry Guetta real name of Brainwash
focuses on the facade of Muraless Art Hotel
his great orchestra of pop influences,
taken by masters like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring
e Banksy and street techniques, Master
, during a career that led him to become one of the most requested artists worldwide,
, not only in the field of street art.

We continue with the spectacular
hall of Muraless Art Hotel,
decorated by the work of Agron Hoti,
contemporary artist
of international fame rose to the limelight via
of his energetic works,
rich in color and with an almost uncontrolled
impact on the eye.

Art Made in Italy

The Journey

The highlight of the trip is realized in the rooms that make up
the soul of Muraless Art Hotel. More than 50 artists have given new life to the structure,
each with his personal and particular style, all devoted to the 'exaltation of taste and genius Italians.
12 different themes were chosen (architecture, art, cinema, design,
lyric, fashion, engines, music, history, science, wine and food) to tell the Boot all round.

The artistic project was realized in collaboration with the Milanese gallery Deodato Art,
with the curatorship of Chiara Canali, independent curator expert of Street Art
and the collaboration of Andrea Zamengo (aka Chill Surrealist).

Themes and Iconic Characters

94 Theme rooms