Muraless Art Hotel

Live Performance Muraless in Vinitaly

Appointment Monday, April 3, from 14:00 to Hall 5, Stand E6. where the CREW Muraless "Goodwall Studio" will realize live a wall in perfect street art style, declinando il soggetto sul mondo del vino.  Guest of Maia Wine and Heaven and Earth, the crew prepares to amaze the audience for an absolutely original live show.

It could not be otherwise for Muraless Art Hotel, destined to be a pole of attraction and for the hotellerie a international reference point thanks to the uniqueness, the value and the extraordinary that characterize it.

In fact, what could be called a living museum of Urban Art that through 94 thematic rooms celebrates the genius and Italian excellence in every sector: wine, opera, cinema, engines, art, architecture, design, history, science, food, fashion and music, also shows a Vinitaly, context and world stage of national enology, all its vitality.