Where art and magic meet

A unique and exciting experience

The first world Hotel dedicated exclusively to Street Art
What a wonderful wall

Enter a structure that redefines the concept of travel.
Muraless Art Hotel is a four-star hotel , south of Verona , with a unique identity, expressed by the spectacular illustrations imprinted in the 94 rooms that make it up.
From the redevelopment of the previous structure was born a real museum of Italian culture, which makes the celebration of Made in Italy its trump card. To achieve this goal was chosen the charm of the Street Art and its fluidity
in adapting to each concept, as shown by thewide variety of styles and drawing techniques that you can find
in all the works that populate the structure.

Themes and Iconic Characters

94 Theme rooms

Art Made in Italy

A museum dedicated
to urban art

Every corner of the Muraless Art Hotel has been studied
and carefully designed to immerse you in a
memorable experience where you can observe the technical aspects,
, the design and creativity of each concept.
The artwork does not only appear in the rooms,
, but also envelopes the whole of the common spaces,
, as in the case of the floor of the hall, entirely
decorated by Agron Hoti.

The facade of the hotel welcomes guests with the first
Italian work of an exceptional artist: Mr. Brainwash.

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